Nord-du-Québec: Northern Action Plan 2020-2023

Nord-du-Québec: Northern Action Plan 2020-2023

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The 2020-2023 Northern Action Plan reflects our government’s determination to revive the economy through numerous initiatives that will ensure vitality and prosperity throughout Québec. It focuses on the sustainable development of the vast, in many ways unique, territory north of the 49th parallel, which abounds in diversified resources. It has natural resources, certainly, but also a rich and diverse culture and impressive biodiversity.

The northern territory, which encompasses nearly three-quarters of Québec, is important in allowing our government to attain its objectives. The 2020-2023 Northern Action Plan will assuredly enable us to bolster Québec’s economic strength. We will do so through economic expansion but also through the pooling of cultural knowledge and environmental preservation.

To ensure that Northern Québec achieves its full potential, we must adapt our initiatives to its distinctive characteristics and the differences specific to each of its regions. Our three-year action plan has been conceived with and for the inhabitants of the northern territory but will benefit all of Québec. We have elaborated our strategy in consultation with the First Nations and the Inuit, for the common good of our respective nations. We have considered everyone’s needs and will continue to do so, since the plan is meant to be open-ended. In this way, we can reflect as faithfully as possible changing conditions in communities.

Our action plan will afford theinhabitants of the northern territory tools tomeetchallenges such as environmentalconservation, climate change, accelerating labour shortages in several key sectors, devitalization, and access to quality services. Moreover, our strategy encompasses several tangible measures to help businesses operating north of the 49th parallel act boldly. Support for their growth will undoubtedly enhance the economic vitality of Québec’s regions.

Our strategy ties in with current or impending Québec policies and government plans. The 2020-2023 Northern Action Plan has been elaborated in close collaboration with the government departments and bodies that will respond to the priorities specific to local and regional stakeholders.

It will enable us to implement the plan in Québec and the world over. Let us support the northern territory’s entrepreneurs. Let us celebrate its culture. Let us protect its biodiversity. Let us fully inhabit it.


The 2020-2023 Northern Action Plan considers the power to act of northern communities and the desire of the territory’s residents to fully inhabit it. It relies on initiatives that take root north of the 49th parallel.

All government departments and bodies are invited to participate in this collective project. We can achieve this

goal in a sustainable manner by mobilizing all the stakeholders concerned by northern development. While the North’s cultural, economic, and environmental diversity must primarily benefit the communities in the territory, we must bear in mind that northern development also benefits Québec.

Sustainable development will be at the forefront of the 2020-2023 Northern Action Plan. Each of the initiatives adopted has been evaluated according to the three themes and the principles of sustainable development to generate the greatest number of benefits possible. Indeed, the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of development will, more than ever, be simultaneously integrated into our initiatives to mutually reinforce each other.

The 2020-2023 Northern Action Plan is pragmatic and will achieve tangible results. We are seeking to ensure the quality of life of all inhabitants of the northern regions. We are relyingon the territory’s strengths, especially its economic and entrepreneurial potential,and local initiativesalready undertaken.

Above all, ourgovernment wants to work with  people living north of the 49th parallel. The Société  du Plan Nord (SPN) will,therefore, coordinate the implementation of our action plan by maintaining  closeties with our regional and Aboriginal partners in the northern territory. What is more, it will ensure compliance with all the agreements concluded and our government’s commitments to the First Nations concerned and the Inuit.

The SPN, which has developed extensive knowledge of the territory and northern issues, will ensure that it makes the most of the funds made available to it for northern development through the Northern Plan Fund. It will focus on the initiatives already undertaken in the territory, in collaboration with the government departments and bodies and the northern communities, to engender a leverage effect that will benefit all stakeholders.

The 2020-2023 Northern Action Plan will be partially reviewed annually and adapted if necessary. The Assembly of Partners of the SPN will play a dynamic role in its development. We have adopted this formula so that the measures selected are adapted to the communities’ needs and produce short-term results.

Through the 2020-2023 Northern Action Plan, our government is actively pursuing sustainable development that unites the North and the South. By creating strong regions, we are contributing to strengthening Québec overall. Let us be proud of Québec’s North and establish together winning conditions to live there and make it prosper.

Jonatan Julien

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Minister Responsible for the Côte-Nord Region

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